Construct Validity Resources

Systemic Research
  Job Evaluation Perpetuates Discrimination
"Institute Position Statement," Testimony by David Thomsen at the EEOC Hearing on Job and Wage Segregation, 4/30/80.

Systemic Compensation Analysis
"Systemic Compensation Analysis: An Investigatory Approach," By Joseph DuBray, Bureau of National Affairs website, American Bar Association, 1998

Systemic Discrimination in the 1970s
"Focusing Enforcement Efforts on Systemic Discrimination," EEOC website.

Systemic Discrimination in Canada
"Of Forest Fires and Systemic Discrimination: A Review of British Columbia (Public Service Employee Relations Commission) v B.C.G.S.E.U.," by Colleen Sheppard, McGill Law Journal

The Use and Abuse of Systemic Discrimination
"The Use and Abuse of Systemic Discrimination" by Philip Sullivan and Christine Furedy, University of Toronto and York University, Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, September, 2000.

EEOC - Focusing Enforcement Efforts on Systemic Discrimination
"Focusing Enforcement Efforts on Systemic Discrimination," EEOC Website, 35th Anniversary Edition.

U.S. Department of Labor
Recommendations of the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission


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