Review of eDOT Skills Project Field Analysis Inputs

This eDOT site allows researchers, attorneys and expert witnesses to review the input of field analysts. Data inputted from the PAQ questionnaires and other subject matter job analyses are automatically entered into this database. Data input from other sources (free salary searches, general Internet visitors from, and other eDOT inputs) are held in a suspense dataset for manual review. (Note that separate rates of error are displayed.)

Contributors to this web site ("Field Analysts") include vocational rehabilitation professionals, compensation professionals, job analysts, forensic economists and expert witnesses. The employees of PAQ and its affiliates do not contribute input into this database, nor does PAQ engage in consulting. Only trained users, typically organizationally employed job analysts, contribute data. Data from the past 15 years of PAQ subject matter field analyses are now included.

New job analysis data is gathered according to the methodology published in the 1991 Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs with full questionnaire completion based on each Field Analyst's conclusions, including assignments of Skill & Competency Work Fields, job and industry crosswalks, and the original 64 worker characteristics, plus 35 added enhanced work measures. Enhanced measures include: required education level, 22 psychological stress requirements, and additional physical characteristics such as reaching upward, use of keyboards, sitting, walking, standing, and an allowance for the elective standing/sitting and shuffling (taking a step or two) for those with back injuries.

For privacy purposes (and to gain the input of contributing analysts), this web site displays only the date of recent Field Analysts' input, and not the location or name of the job incumbent or Field Analyst. To assure valid data, various tests (see PAQ's eDOT Methodology) are performed on the submitted data by trained PAQ Job Analysts. Submitted data must pass validation tests before being added to the eDOT Skills Project database.

Raw Data can be accessed via the browser found within each Occupational Assessor - Consultant Edition - eDOT+. Review a demonstration retrieval by clicking the "Job Name" Go button in the box below.

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