PAQ's eDOT Skills Project

PAQ's Demo is a free desktop software program that provides complete job descriptions for over 10,000 positions and includes the free Job Search module to assist job seekers. This software also provides limited access to the job analysis filters found in the Occupational Assessor Consultant Edition. Download the Demo now.

PAQ's Occupational Assessor Consultant Edition is a more sophisticated job analysis software program, offering:

  • database of job descriptions for over 20,000 position titles

  • job description editor

  • position and industry crosswalks

  • FLSA exempt/non-exempt job analyzer

  • transferable skills assessments, pinpointing jobs for disabled or unemployed individuals

  • job availability counts showing the prevalence of jobs in the US economy

  • listing of potential employers based on the industry and geographic location you select

  • vocational rehabilitation edition to document an individual's residual functional capacity (RFC)

  • state Workers' Compensation forms and disability ratings

A subscription to the Occupational Assessor Consultant Edition is required to access all these features.

The eDOT Skills Project
This is a working site for field job analysts contributing data, PAQ's eDOT Skills Project researchers who analyze the data, and forensic economists who wish to review underlying data files' field input and standard deviations.

Raw Data - Content Validity: Review raw data of job analyses (field analysts' input) and rate of error calculations. This data includes reviewed PAQ subject matter expert field job analyses completed in the past 15 years, as well as over 300,000 pre-1991 field analyses used to create “rates of error” for the Archive DOT data in the eDOT software. Raw data can be accessed via the Occupational Assessor Consultant Edition. Review a demonstration retrieval by clicking the "Job Name" Go button in the box below.

PAQ's eDOT raw data query form selecting Account Payable Clerk Go
  • Technical Manuals & Construct Validity - Historic DOT design documents, eDOT Methodology, discussions and research related to the enhanced Selected Characteristics of Occupations, PAQ Technical & User Manuals (pre eDOT and post eDOT).

  • PAQe Questionnaire - Review PAQ's new enhanced Questionnaire (300 measures) or its various lesser numbered question editions, available in hardcopy print or via the Internet in various versions. Also review input forms for Field Job Analysts and other materials.

    enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles contains the results of the eDOT Skills Project's systematic collection of data related to over 100,000 job titles, in terms of descriptions, crosswalks, selected characteristics of occupations ("SCO's"), skill & competency work fields, MPSMS codes, methodology, and techniques employed. For a more complete description of the eDOT, please review the Construct and Content Validity sites above and the eDOT Methodology.

    Job Availability Estimates derive from ERI's collection and analyses of all available salary surveys (counting number of incumbents reported for a specific job title), "of interest" inputs from eDOT screens (when position title text or new job name requests are inputted) and data retrievals from a free Internet salary site (SalaryExpert's Calculators, Premium Reports, and GSC queries), all compared and modeled to recent job family populations reported by National Statistics offices (OES/O*NET in the U.S. Statistics offices for 689 labor markets).

    ERI's Job Availability Wizard Job Availability Log
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